Code and design are not opposite ends of some spectrum, and they share more commonalities than you might expect. Both can be expressions of creativity, require problem-solving strategies and can solve real-world problems.

This class will be a hands-on exploration of the important skills, tools and considerations for modern front-end web development. You will build upon your existing graphic design knowledge of layout, typography, color theory and learn the HTML and CSS to create web-based versions of your designs and the CSS and JavaScript to make them interactive. You will create and be evaluated on web projects: how they perform in the browser, on mobile devices and the code you wrote to get those results. You will also work collaboratively with your colleagues to identify project goals and evaluate your success in achieving those goals.

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Weekly Schedule

  1. 1. Intro to the course & your text editor
  2. 2. Review of HTML
  3. 3. Review of CSS
  4. 4. CSS layout
  5. 5. Intro to Less
  6. 6. Responsive Design & Animation
  7. 7. UX Evaluations (I)
  8. 8. UX Evaluations (II)
  9. 9. Design Refinement
  10. 10. Static Site Generators (I)
  11. 11. Static Site Generators (II)
  12. 12. Markup for Interactive Components
  13. 13. No Class (Thanksgiving)
  14. 14. Javascript for Interactive Behavior
  15. 15. Final Project Troubleshooting
  16. 16. Final Presentations & Wrap-up