Project 1: Resume

In Brief

Use your current knowledge of HTML and CSS to markup and format your resume.



  1. Do the week 1 reading and follow the instructions to create a priority guide for your resume.
  2. Follow the setup instructions below
  3. Based on your priority guide template and using your current knowledge of HTML, create an HTML version of your resume.
  4. Use your current knowledge of CSS to add formatting/styles to your resume.


  1. Create a pull request for code review and final submission.
  2. Send me a link to the pull request via Slack DM by 11:59 PM EDT on 9/24 (see in your timezone.



  1. You will use the project and repo you created when completing the instructions to connect Glitch and GitHub.
  2. Whenever you use the Glitch ‘Export’ function in the Tools menu, it is actually committing its changes to a ‘branch’ called glitch off the default main branch. Read about branching in git to get an understanding for how this works.
  3. Back in your glitch project, add a new file named index.html
  4. Open the new index.html and, in the editor, set up a default HTML structure for the file
  5. After you’ve saved your index.html, export your changes to github and provide a commit message (example commit message: “Created HTML document.”)
  6. Go to your project’s page on GitHub and go through the same open pull request and merge procedure as last week; you should now see a matching copy of the index.html in your GitHub repo and on the Glitch project page.