Project 4: Collaborative Redesign

In Brief

Redesign a site based on the findings of your stakeholder’s heuristic evaluation and use your current knowledge of HTML and Sass/Less, along with new knowledge of static site generators, to create a responsive site based on your designs.



Research + Planning

  1. Have a project kickoff meeting with your stakeholder
  2. Create a priority guide for your homepage using this template
  3. Share the priority guide with your stakeholder in your shared Slack channel.


  1. Based on your priority guide, create mobile and desktop comps for your homepage.
  2. Present your comps to your stakeholder and professor to get initial sign off on the design.


  1. Set up a new Glitch project and GitHub repo
    1. Remix this Glitch project
    2. Create a new GitHub repo named “project4”.
    3. Follow the instructions to connect Glitch and GitHub.
      You’ll be connecting the Glitch project you just remixed and your new “project4” repo.
  2. Based on your priority guide, write semantic markup for the homepage content and create HTML partials for repeated elements in your design (e.g., header, navigation, footer).
  3. Do an initial code review with your professor.
  4. After your markup has been signed off on, create mobile-first styles for your homepage based on your comps.
  5. Have a design checkin with your stakeholder.
  6. Create the additional pages and elements per requirements.
  7. Present your finished product to your colleagues and stakeholder.


  1. Create a pull request for code review and final submission.
  2. Send me a link to the pull request via Slack DM by 11:59pm on 12/16.



Web form

Interactive element



Google Sheet example