Project 1 PR Template

Before submitting your PR, please update its title (it often defaults to one of your commit messages) and, in the description, include the link to your corresponding project on Glitch.

Additionally, please add the following questions and your responses to your PR description.

  1. Describe which aspect of this project you found most confusing or frustrating.
  2. Select which element of this project you are most proud of.
  3. Identify one thing you don’t currently know how to do in CSS that you’re interested to learn.

The answers to each question should be ~50-200 words long (or, more simply, not an essay but also not a 3-word response) and will be factored into the professionalism section of the grading rubric.

Finally, include a short (1-2 sentence) response to these questions:

  1. Summarize the project requirements and evaluate if you have met them.
  2. Did you review the best practices checklists for HTML and CSS to check your own work on this project?

You can copy the questions from this file and paste them into your PR description.